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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is it Organic or Bots?

When you submit your website/youtube Channel/URL, people earn points each time they see your page, those points can be used after to get traffic from other users so no bot is ever used. To also increase your rankings and traffic quality you can cloak "" by setting "" as the refferer.

Is it Free?

Yes, you can add up to 2 websites or URLS (yours) with the basic account and up to 3 sessions (points generation).

What are the advantages of Premium Accounts?

With the Premium Accounts, you will unlock the possibility to receive more traffic to more websites or URLS. You will also earn points 30% faster than with the basic account. More importantly, you will now be able to select geo-targeted traffic so you can get traffic from specific countries.

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How can you Make Money with Hitz Boost?

Refferals $: We will give 0.25$ for each "Sign Up" refferals if you use your link in your dashboard.

Points Conversion $$:  We will give 5$ per 10000 points earned throught the Traffic Exchange Platform.

Add Your Website/URL

  1. Get started by going on the “Website” tab at the top of the screen.
  2. Once you’ve clicked, you will have the option “Add a new Website”. Click it!
  3. You will then be redirected to the website settings page.
  4. Things to set up:
    1. Your website/URL with the http/https prefix (Ex:
    2. The time you want the user to stay on your website (longer costs more points).
    3. Choose the maximum number of visits you want per hour.
    4. Limit the total number of hits:
      1. Unlimited: No restriction.
      2. Limited: Choose the max number of hits you want.
    5. Choose the User Agent:
      1. Random device: You will receive hits from tablet/phone/desktop.
      2. Specified: Choose the device you want to receive hits from.
    6. Traffic Source:
      1. No referrer: No specific referrer
      2. Custom Referrer (recommended): Choose the referrer which you want google to identify as, Example:,
    7. Geo Targeting is a premium feature which allows you to choose the country you want traffic from. (Upgrade your account in the “Buy” Tab if interested)
  5. Click “Add”.
  6. Your Website will now start to receive visits according to your website’s settings.

Get Points to get More Traffic! (Important)

  1. On the “Dashboard” Page, click the “Traffic Exchange” button at the top right.
  2. Next, click “Add new session”.
  3. Click on the “web session” from the newly created session.
  4. Once you open the session, click on the “Start browsing button”.
  5. Now you can let the browser run in the background and you will earn points!

Note: You can add up to 2 sessions with the “Basic” account type.

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